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And I believe anyone can make a positive difference that changes the world!

My name is Mandi Monaghan and I am passionate about empowering leaders to intentionally maximize their unique contribution to the world through a spirit of generosity, love, and abundance.  Why?  Have you noticed that when people live their lives from an abundant space of generosity and service to others, it change their life… and can change the world!   

Anyone has the ability to change…. And everyone has the power to begin living THEIR life of contribution to the world, today!   As a successful entrepreneur and business coach, I have personally experienced the continuous joys of giving.  My husband and I founded a children’s non-profit foundation in 2012 that teaches children the gifts of giving and leadership through generosity.  We chose to fund this through the profits in our real estate business, and have invited our clients and community to participate in giving events throughout the years.    

With the Inspiration Nation Podcast, the goal is to now give back through providing a platform for some of the most inspiring stories of philanthropy you may otherwise never hear.

Through Inspiration Nation Podcast, the aim is to inspire you with real-life stories from those leading the way in living and giving generously and making a difference for others.  The guests range from young leaders to retirees and cover every demographic between. We will connect with business owners who are giving abundantly, to children who have started their own non-profit foundations!  

The purpose of the show is to share with the world the enormous contributions being made day in and day out by people just like you. Philanthropy, compassion, and contribution don’t require you to be a celebrity, business leader, professional athlete or someone with political sway…. Nor does it have anything to do with age. 

We can all make a difference daily. And it starts with dreaming bigger, loving deeper, giving more abundantly, and taking compassionate action that makes a difference daily!  We can all  realize the abundant light and love this life has to offer and give the gift of giving to others through our actions.   It starts with YOU!

Thank you for joining in this mission!  I trust you will be inspired to shape your life of contribution, discover the gifts of giving, and learn ways you can make your difference for others along with this community!     

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.
Daniel Cross • Executive Director


I want to show people that they can make a huge difference in the world today.


I want to show people how they use their platform to bring change to our world.


I want to push people to realize their full potential and really get out there.


I want to show those of us who are fortunate why we should be giving back.


Get inspired to make a difference in this world. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if we can find a way to work together to make this world a better place.