011 Creating a Movement For Mothers with Diana Collins


We all will go through hard times but it’s up to you in the way that you heal! You can pull the positive out of the tragedy!

My guest, Diana Collins shares her powerful story of how she took a painful loss and turned it into something that inspires Mothers all around the world! When Diana hit her darkest days, she decided to take a leap and quit her job. Starting her own business and nonprofit was never in the plan, she just wanted to focus on healing but what was also included in her healing was the creation of this huge movement for mothers!

Listen to her story and be inspired and remember that no matter where you are at in life, there is also a reason to keep going!

A few highlights from this interview include:

  • Diana shares her passion for producing her client’s podcast and share their stories with everyone! She loves how you can now share your message on any platform and encourage people around the world!
  • We talk about value and what has changed since she left the corporate world. Diana says that the quality in the best she spent time with changed. She learned to value friendship but choose the relationships that would lift her up because being around negative individuals will only bring her down.
  • Back in 2017, Diana was struggling with postpartum depression and have hit rock bottom. She shares what it was like when she decided to quit her day job because she knew that it was important to focus on her healing.
  • Diana tells me the story of her best friend Sabrina and the pain she felt when she lost her to addiction and postpartum depression. Diana found herself attending her best friends funeral and expecting her second daughter to be born the following month.
  • Where she found the inspiration to start her own podcast. She knew that it was a platform that she could use to reach out to others that also suffered from depression. All she wanted was to know that she was not alone.
  • We discuss some of the biggest stressors that are affecting the mothers in our current society.
  • After so much healing, Diana launched a nonprofit where she donates postpartum doulas to mothers that are at risk of mental disorders. She shares how it’s important it is to be more authentic and not be afraid of sharing your hardest days.
  • Diana defines what a postpartum doula does for mothers who are newly postpartum.


Diana Collins is among many things! She is a wife, mother of two beautiful girls, PPD survivor, postpartum doula, president of The Always with Me Foundation, author, and a producer of many other podcasts! She’s one busy mama but wouldn’t change a thing!

After losing her best friend Sabrina to postpartum depression and hitting rock bottom herself, she went off on a journey of extreme healing and finding her purpose in life. She enjoys bringing sisterhood in motherhood and creating real authentic relationships wherever she goes. Diana says that life is too short and we must live the life we deserve!

Impactful Quotes

  • “Spend time with people that want to see you grow.” – Diana Collins
  • “Podcasting was a platform to share my story.” – Diana Collins
  • “I needed to know that I wasn’t alone.” – Diana Collins
  • “My mission is to build sisterhood in motherhood.” – Diana Collins
  • “It’s ok to ask for help.” Diana Collins
  • “You don’t have to live a life of someone else’s.” – Diana Collins  

Mentions in the Episode

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