018 Advocating for Our Veterans with Jessica Morel

Story of Inspiration:

In this episode we connect with Jessica Morel, a business owner,busy mom, veteran and a philanthropist.  

Jessica began her career as a school teacher and served in the  joining the army reserves where she spent 8 years being sent all around the world to serve. While she was away, she found ways to make a difference through campaigning for school supplies for the children she saw in need.   

When Jessica launched her own business after serving our Nation, she quickly grew and found ways to give back to Veterans as well as be an advocate for changing legislation.  Through her philanthropic spirit she has Co-Founded a non-profit that works with Veterans and raises awareness around solutions for our vets returning from service and providing for their needs..  

In this episode you will find

  • How Jessica Launched her own contribution initiative and has funded the mission
  • What she developed to fundraise and build awareness for the Foundation
  • How she balances leading a family, business and non-profit.  
  • Strategy for building a mission based (purpose led) business.  
  • Effective tips for leveraging a big life!

Impactful Quotes

  • “Everyone can do something, no matter what that something can be.” – Jessica Morel
  • “Being an entrepreneur is a daily decision.” – Jessica Morel
  • “There is so much power in a collective voice.” – Jessica Morel
  • “When you have that many veterans asking for something else, I feel like we have a responsibility to find out what that something else can be for them.” – Jessica Morel
  • “Everyday, I have to make a decision on what does success look like for me today.” – Jessica Morel
  • “I stay very connected with people that want to play life in a big way.” – Jessica Morel
  • “Contribution is sharing your gift with somebody else.” – Jessica Morel

Take Action!

  1. Connect with Jessica and her team at TriFreedomRealEstate.com.
  2. Donate or get involved with The Stop Drop and Push Campaign.
  3. Help prevent suicide in our veterans by reaching out to Operation Shockwave.
  4. Visit us at Your Life of Contribution for more Inspirational stories .
  5. Share your story of Contribution and engage with Inspiration Nation on Facebook.