017 The Pursuit of More with Melissa Reese


Melissa Reese is a Holistic Practitioner, teacher, author, and speaker. She has a BA in Psychology from ASU and post-education from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, The Empowerment Partnership, and other training programs. She is a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Psych-K practitioner, Life Coach, and Jikiden Reiki specialist. She has over 1,800 hours of training, which is more than the majority of people in her field. Her first book is titled “The Pursuit of Forgiveness.”
She started her journey in the healing arts as an observer, watching her mom and dad transform their lives in a matter of ten days. Then, she became a client. Melissa started mainly with Hypnotherapy, and then NLP, Reiki, Acupuncture, and herbs. The work she did profoundly help her transform her life in a very short period of time. She learned how to clear her anger, communicate more efficiently and effectively, and she learned how self-care and self-work are imperative to implement as a regular part of life. Melissa also learned how to be less judgmental and more open and curious about what life and people have to offer. She has learned that forgiveness is at the crux of any and all healing that can take place. She was so impressed with the improvement and transformation accomplished in such a short time that she decided to pursue this field as a career.

A few highlights from this interview include:

  • When Melissa’s father was ill with multiple sclerosis, her mother decided to take Melissa’s father in a pain management clinic. Noticing the big change in her father and going through some dark places in her own life, Melissa discovered she wanted to help others after going down a path of inner transformation and learning powerful tools and techniques
  • When you get clear on what you want, get out of your own way, and live, be and do what you want…
  • Melissa shares about inner congruency with head and heart, and how to know when someone is in alignment with. When someone is feeling stuck, it can typically be because of the alignment. 
  • To stay in an inspired space of creating, possibility thinking, dreaming and moving towards what you want, our job is to clear out old programming that isn’t in alignment and empowering.  
  • Melissa shares how to move from a “stuck” uninspired state and what to do to keep moving in a greater space of MORE possibility.  
  • The importance of “retreating” and going silent to listen to what matters most and what you truly want more of… joy, happiness, and kindness.
  • Give yourself permission for self-care and take a step back to reflect and breath in what you really want. We have to have boundaries for yourself and protect your own self-care. 
  • How to listen and learn from fears through a simple process … discover any wisdom and let go.
  • How to stay in a thriving state rather than a fight or flight stressed state that shuts down our body and possibilities.  
  • Melissa talks about the importance of feeling our emotions, being aware and mindful of them, and understanding how to navigate and control the thoughts we have about them.

Impactful Quotes

    • “Contribute however you can, in any way you can, and know you’ve made a difference.” – Melissa Reese
    • “Everyone has their own journey and path”….. What’s yours? – Melissa Reese
    • “We must first transform ourselves if we want anything in the world to transform.  We have to work on ourselves first.” – Melissa Reese
    • “Make sure our head and hearts are in alignment.” – Melissa Reese
    • “You can always ask for help but you have to be the one to ask for the help.” – Melissa Reese
    • “The pursuit of life… the journey lies in the pursuit.” – Melissa Reese
    • “Move the good energy forward through contribution???” – Melissa Reese
  • “We all need to feel like we are contributing something in life.  Everyone can contribute something.” – Melissa Reese

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