015 Shining the Light In Other People’s Lives with Elisa Bell


As a young adult herself, Elisa Bell was introduced in a program called Workshops for Youth and Families that was created by Dr. Francis Milis- Yerger. These workshops were just a small chapter in her life but have created such a ripple effect for the rest of her life! Elisa shares the importance of being consistent in our children’s lives. She teaches us to shine the light in these children’s lives and let them know their worth!

A few highlights from this interview include:

  • The founder Dr. Frances Mills-Yerger developed Workshops for Youth and Families to teach interpersonal communication skills to teenagers through games. They’ve learned respect, leadership, resilience, communication skills, and so much more!
  • These types of games are games that will teach these young adults how to dive into their own leadership and communication and most importantly, they learn how to trust one another.
  • Elisa has been through the workshops herself and she shares the impact it has had on her personally.
  • Once Elisa grew her own family, she found another organization called Sunshine Angels which is a non-profit that supports foster children in group homes in the valley of Phoenix, AZ.
  • Elisa shares how she and her husband bring activities to the group homes every week. She says that the children just wanted someone who would be there and listen attentively.
  • Each Sunshine group home would host at least 10 kids but 300 other children in the whole program, Elisa wanted to find a way to reach more children. Thus, she created a training for the volunteers to bring the children free arts.
  • Consistency is so important especially to the children in foster care. These are children who don’t have consistency in their lives. It is Elisa’s mission to build the children’s trust back by consistently building their trust.
  • Spend quality time with your children. Elisa shares how it’s very important to be present in your children’s lives and show them that they are worthy.

Impactful Quotes

  • “We are all connected and we all have the power to affect one another.” – Elisa Bell
  • “I was able to learn to tap into my own compassion and leadership skills.” – Elisa Bell
  • “Consistency builds trust.” – Elisa Bell
  • “It matters when they finally look in your eyes when they speak rather than looking down.” – Elisa Bell
  • “Learn to be a mentor because it really enriches your own life and the lives of everyone you touch.” – Elisa Bell

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  3. Attend a workshop or donate to Workshops for Youth and Families and Notmykid.org
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