014 Strategic Giving – Funding Your Life’s Mission with Wendi Papasan


Wendy’s Quantum Leap journey ignited nine years when she and her husband Jay, Co-Author of The One Thing,  began intentionally setting some bigger goals to build wealth for their family. From that conversation sparked her decision to start a business in real estate with Keller Williams.  With Wendy’s desire to keep family first, she followed Gary Keller’s model of succeeding through others, and quickly expanded her business through a team of talented people. Now, as her company continues to grow, she is building other businesses, giving back with local charities, teaching, leading growth initiatives, and inspiring others how to have a Quantum Leap in their lives too by serving as Chairman of the Board for KWKC, a Non-Profit Foundation.  She and Jay continue to build additional passive streams of income and expand their original vision of wealth building, as well as inspire big thinking leaders to create an abundant life. Why? So they can ultimately fund and live their life mission! In this episode, Wendy shares her journey over the last nine years that has empowered her to live a life where she is able to do the things that she loves, give back strategically through her business, and inspire others leaders to live an abundant life!  

A few highlights from this interview include:

  • Ways to give strategically through your business. Learn how they’ve partnered with “Heroes for Children”, a charity that helps families with terminally ill children, through their fundraising events.    
  • Think Big and Act Small!  Much of her success has come through following The One Thing principle… set big goals and achieve that goal with narrow focused actions that move you forward.
  • Build your business around what matters most.  God.  Family.  Then business.  Keep this at the core, embrace leverage quickly to stay in your strength zone by focusing on your ONE THING.  Then align with other talented people who are committed to growth.
  • Quantum Leap is about living with a clear mission and developing a handful of habits that move you forward towards living your life by design.   
  • Practice leadership through leading something.  Choose something you’re passionate about and get involved. There are so many opportunities and different ways to give back through leadership and inspire other leaders to get involved.  

Impactful Quotes  

  • “Think big and act small” – Gary Keller 
  • “The definition of wealth is having enough passive income to fund your perfect life.” – Gary Keller (The One Thing)
  • “Success is sequential it’s not simultaneous.” – Wendy Papasan
  • If I can make a difference for one person, then I’ve really succeeded” – Wendy Papasan 
  • “I love watching people be their best self.” – Wendy Papasan 
  • “The best way you become a good leader is to simply lead.” – Wendy Papasan 

Take Action!

  1. Attend a Quantum Leap class near you: kwkc.org
  2. Make a donation or attend an event at: heroesforchildren.org
  3. For info on a career in real estate with The Papasan Group, or real estate advice on buying, selling or investing, check out  Austin.Papasanproperties.com and let Wendy and her team help you!
  4. Purchase your copy of The One Thing!
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