009 Giving Thanks- Finding Gratitude Even In the Little Things with Mandi Monaghan


Today, I am sharing my thoughts on a book called, “The Simple Act of Gratitude”. It’s a story about a man who was in his darkest lowest moments in life and even when things were not looking good for him, he still found gratitude in his life and started sending thank you letters to everyone that has given him something even if it was from that person’s time and energy. However, these were not just simple thank you letters, he really dug deep and shared his gratitude in the smallest things.

When was the last time you sent someone a thank you letter? I challenge YOU to do the same and watch how much your appreciation in even the smallest things will grow!

A few highlights from this interview include:

  • I share my thoughts on “The Simple Act of Gratitude” and how it was a complete game changer in the way we say Thank you to someone!
  • In this book, the author John Kralik talks about really appreciating everything and everyone in your life. For example, John set a goal to send a thank you letter to everyone in his life. Even sending a thank you letter to his doctor for giving him good health! I’ve never even thought about sending my doctor a thank you letter! He really takes appreciation to a whole new level!
  • I’ve been so inspired by this book that I started practicing this practice of gratitude! I share an example of a client of mine that also took on this goal of writing thank you notes to everyone in her life. By doing this in just a few weeks has changed her life! It has changed the way she looked and started her day. She wakes up with gratitude and positive energy!
  • I challenge YOU to take on this exact practice! Send someone a thank you where you normally would not have thought about sending. You too will be amazed at how this will change the way you say thank you!   

Impactful Quotes

  • “I believe that no matter how great at gratitude we are, we can all take it up to the next level!” – Mandi Monaghan  
  • “The way that we can give to other people is simply giving thanks.” – Mandi Monaghan

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