005 Knocking On Doors to Make a Difference with Colin George


Even in freezing weather, Colin will still go door to door asking for contributions to make a difference!

Colin George and his team are dedicated to every nonprofit they work for! He says it’s much more than just asking for donations, it’s having the mindset of being a giver and being passionate about the organization you are working for!

We talk about how Colin found his passion in giving, the change he has seen in his own life, and what the world would look like if we all lived a life of contribution.

A few highlights from this interview include:

– Colin shares the secret to knocking on people’s door and asking for contributions!
– What is “World Vision” and what is their mission in the world?
– How Colin trains his team to understand the organization’s mission and value. When you’re passionate about the mission, it empowers you to inspire others to contribute!
– What kind of change does he see in his team? How has this work changed their mindset?
– How Colin keeps his team motivated to go out and ask for donations even in below zero weather!
– How has Colin changed spiritually while doing this work?
– Colin and I discuss what the world would look like if we are shared a mindset of contribution.
– How giving can also be a way of being, thinking, and living.

Watch the interview here! 


Colin has been a Direct Selling Consultant for over 8 years and knows what makes a successful salesperson. You will be amazed at what training and preparation add to your mindset and skill set.

Impactful Quotes

  • “We are building ourselves, the community, and the world!” – Colin George
  • “The best salespeople in the world are fundraisers because they are not doing it for the money: they are doing it for the cause!” – Colin George
  • “It allowed me to move from a selfish state, into a state of giving.” – Colin George
  • “What value can you bring to that organization?” – Colin George
  • “Rejection is life. What you do with that rejection is everything.” – Colin George 

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