000 Welcome to Inspiration Nation from Your Host Mandi Monaghan! (Finding Success On a Whole New Level… Through Contribution)


What’s your Story of Contribution?  Everyone has one…we all make a difference for someone, in some way!  This show is focused on connecting with some of the most inspirational leaders who are giving back in big ways!  They will be sharing their stories, tips, and vision of making a difference in the world.  The goal is to unite a community of abundant thinkers and big givers who take compassionate action in their communities that make a difference daily!

Welcome to Inspiration Nation with Mandi Monaghan! A place to discover and be inspired by philanthropic and inspirational thought leaders contributing amazing things to the world!

In this episodes, Mandi shares her story and how she came to realize that success is much more in-depth than working your way up the career ladder.  Throughout her journey, she decided to succeed and attributes this through committing to service and contribution to others.  In every way, she says… “find out what you are passionate about, what brings you joy, and share that with others”, because that is where it starts.  

Decide to succeed in a different way, not only for own self, focus on what mattered most and serve others.  She shares her story of building a business with a baby in her arms, through connecting and contributing back to the community.  

Discover the pivotal moments that shifted what she was focused on what matters most and created a transformational view of life and success.  

“We find ourselves when we lose ourselves in service to others” was what inspired this show … get ready to find yourself as you listen in with leaders who are living abundant lives of service to others… and the impact this is making!

Reach out and share with us about your journey too.

A few highlights from this interview include:

  • Discover where the inspiration came from to start this show!
  • What inspired Mandi to become an entrepreneur?
  • How she built a business with a baby in her arms.
  • How she took that success in her real estate business was able to fund her nonprofit foundation that impacts youth leaders to give generously.  

Impactful Quotes

  • “I realized what mattered most and I started prioritizing my life in a whole new way.” – Mandi Monaghan
  • “Everyone has gifts inside of them to give and make a difference for others.” – Mandi Monaghan
  • “There is a gift in giving.”  – Mandi Monaghan
  • “What’s your contribution?” – Mandi Monaghan

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